Facts About Solo Cup Koozies That Will Interest Your Business

Most businesses choose solo cup koozies to run their product promotion campaigns. If you are looking forward to order for custom made solo cup koozies for your brand building activity, you are in line with those businesses that are investing in the most economical and highly interesting promotional products. Solo cup koozies have several advantages over the many other promotional product options you can think of. Here we discuss a few interesting facts about solo cup koozies that will help you get the best out of your product promotion campaign.

Why choose solo cup koozies
Solo cup koozies are those attractive sleeves you find slipped on to the glasses used to dispense liquids both hot and cold. In the first place, the utility value of solo cup koozies makes them highly attractive products. Solo cup koozies fitted onto the glasses help preserve the temperature of the stored liquids for a long time. Also, they add color to the otherwise unattractive solo cups.

While customers love to receive solo cup koozies as free gifts, the most attractively printed solo cup koozies help spread the message about your product or service to the potential customers far and wide thus helping to build your brand visibility. Solo cup koozies are highly economical options when compared to many other promotional products. For these reasons and for many other advantages that solo cup koozies carry, solo cup koozies appear to be a great option for product promotion.

Solo cup koozie material
The material of the solo cup koozies must serve several functions. They must be spongy to add grip under the fingers of those holding he cups. They must be flexible enough to be easily slipped onto the glasses. They must be poor insulators not to let the temperature of the stored contents escape easily. They must also accommodate a high quality printing on them. To serve all the above purposes and many others, solo cup koozies are made from neoprene or other flexible kind of materials.

Color and printing
Solo cup koozies can be manufactured in any color. You can order for solo cup koozies in the color of your choice. In fact, the choice of the material color can depend on the theme you have in mind. You can choose the color depending on the logo color and the color of the printing you wish to attempt on them so that they provide a fitting background for the printed matter. The flexibility and spongy nature of the solo cup koozie material make them easy mediums for printing.

Economical and facilitate easy distribution
Solo cup koozies are highly economical options over many other promotional products. You can order for them in bulk quantities and get them delivered rather quickly to support your product promotion campaign. They are weightless and flexible which make them easy to store, transport, and distribute. So, you will find solo cup koozies the best option when it comes to running your product promotion campaign with them. Find the best supplier today and order for custom printed solo cup koozies to support your product promotion effort in an economical and effective way.

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