Interesting Facts About Growler Koozies You Will Love To Know

It is very difficult that someone has not come across a growler koozie in their life. Growler koozies are those highly attractive and colourful sleeves slipped on to the growlers containing liquids. While growlers come in different materials, most growlers are bare looking and are not temperature proof. Hence growler koozies add many additional functions to the growlers like attractive looks, a find grip under the fingers and the ability to retain the temperature of the stored liquids for more hours. Hence growler koozies have become highly popular products that most people love to use in their daily lives. Here are a few interesting facts about growler koozies that you will love to know.

Flexible materials
Growler koozies can be made from different materials. However, the most popular choice for the manufacturers and the clients ordering for them is neoprene. Neoprene is an interesting material known for its flexibility, weightlessness and printability. Made of neoprene, growler koozies can help hold the growlers with ease. The users can hold them firmly and comfortably without the fear of slipping them down. The fact that neoprene is weightless does not add to the weight of the growlers and make it uncomfortable for the people to handle and transport them. When made in bulk quantities, growler koozies can be stored and transported easily due to their weightless and flexible properties.

Colors and printability
Growler koozies can be made in any color you want. While manufacturing, the makers add dyes to the material and thus the color of the neoprene sheets are achieved. Depending on your color choices, you can get to make the sheets in any color you prefer. The color choices can depend on the printing you wish to do on the growler koozies. Choose the right color that will help the printing stand out prominently and it is done. Growler koozies can be printed with the event or product information or company brand name and details you wish to popularize or share. Growler koozies printed attractively are fondly distributed by the businesses to their existing and prospective customers during product promotion campaigns and other events.

Why choose growler koozies
Marketing campaigns are made cost effective by choosing growler koozies. These are interesting products loved by all and are also very useful to people. When you wish to give away promotional products for your customers, choose growler koozies and get them customized to your liking so that you give a boost to your product promotion efforts.

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